Linux Foundation takes over Zend Framework

Linux Foundation takes over Zend Framework

The Linux Foundation has announced that the open source organization will take over the fortunes of the Zend framework. The collection of important PHP tools will apparently lay a new start this year as a new project Laminas. The change was made in consultation with Zend Technologies or Rogue Wave Software. Rogue Wave, acquired by Perforce in January, has been part of Zend since 2015, and the company will continue to provide commercial products based on the open source Zend Framework technology. To delineate now also the name change to laminas.

Founded in 2007, Zend Framework is a collection of software packages for use in professional PHP projects. It apparently offers 100 percent object-oriented code with a wide range of voice capabilities. Over the years, Zend Framework has gained widespread adoption in many industries and applications – with the Foundation’s announcement of more than 400 million installations.

Companies like the BBC, BNP Paribas and are well-known users. The framework is the foundation for many business applications and services, including e-commerce platforms such as Magento, content management and healthcare systems, entertainment platforms and portals, messaging services, and APIs.

However, the situation surrounding the evolution of the framework since last fall seemed somewhat uncertain, as Rogue Wave had announced its intention to focus solely on commercial products such as Zend Server. Although Rogue Wave still wants to support the Zend Framework as part of the Zend Server license, it does not want to actively develop it further. Several famous PHP developers, including Zeev Suraski, decided to leave Rogue Wave.

The Linux Foundation will now provide the Zend Framework community with a new vendor-neutral home to continue to develop PHP tools for Web services and APIs while preserving existing components, including sub-projects such as the API development framework Apigility and the Microservices Framework Expressive. to be able to get. More, at this time still rare information can be found on the Laminas website.

HeySupport Engineers was working with Zend Framework and provides development support for a huge number of PHP web applications, closely watching the current progress of Laminas project. We are excited to implement and explore the new features of various PHP tools from Laminas with our existing web applications and will focus on multiple performance tests to evaluate on staging servers of our clients.

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