Top 3 Way Downtime Affects Your Business

Downtime = Profit Loss = BAD

With the majority of the businesses offering products and services over cloud-based networks, having a solid IT infrastructure is the key to success. When networks go down, businesses are often posed with costly consequences that are hard to overcome. Keeping aside the lost money, the lost time can lead to more inconvenience and can sometimes topple the business’ reputation altogether.

Though downtime affects different businesses in different ways, here are the three common ways in which downtime impacts a business’ operation.

Opportunities Loss

If your business does substantial business online, downtime means that your customers won’t be able to find you or your products and services anymore. The fewer your customer, the lesser your revenue. Additionally, if your business relies on network availability to deliver services, downtime would make it impossible for you to connect with your existing customers.

To put it simply, system downtime can hugely affect businesses that solely depend on online sales to drive their sales. According to researches, 47% of online customers prefer websites that load in less than 2 seconds, and over 40% said that they would find another website if the current website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

As per these statistics, it is clearly proven that slow services and downright intolerable, let alone the complete loss of service.

Data Loss

Data loss is a nightmare for all businesses. The worst case scenario happens when service outages potentially lead to the loss or exposure of crucial data. Though most businesses backup data, an unexpected and sudden loss of service may cause unpredictable consequences. Some of which includes, damaged or corrupted files, network security failures, and chances of cyber-attacks.

Even if your business has securely backed up the data, an unforeseen inability to access the data can create havoc leading to your customers losing trust in you and seeking a more reliable service provider elsewhere.

Furthermore, if your business drives business decisions leveraging big data analytics, losing even a tiny part of your data can be a complete blow to your operations.

Productivity Loss

Presently, virtual chats software, emails, customer-facing support systems, and task management systems, are part of every business. As businesses continuously depend on online communications and services, a sudden loss of service can mean the workplace coming to a complete halt.

Employees, especially individuals working for smaller businesses that exclusively rely on cloud application would be left with nothing to do as they wait for network servers to come back online. In such a scenario, though no work is done, labour costs and other operating costs must still be paid regardless of the network unavailability.

Moreover, delays in one area can lead to problems in others.  Thus, even after the network being restored, the loss of productivity still continues if the service lost was part of the supply chain. The complete restoration of services also requires a whole lot of extra work and time.

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