How to choose SolusVM license properly?

SolusVM is a virtual private server (VPS) management system designed to work with VPS hosting packages. It has a web-based customizable UI for managing VPSs, integrates with popular billing systems, and supports several of the most widely used virtualization technologies. These features make it an exceptional choice for web hosting providers.

SolusVM requires a license to work. However, to those who are new to SolusVM, it might be a little confusing while purchasing a license: What license type should I choose? What is the difference between a master and slave? Can I host master and slave together?

This article will answer all your questions, and guide you to decide the proper SolusVM license.

License Type

There’re 2 types of SolusVM licenses: master license ($10/mo) and slave only master license ($2.5/mo).

Both license types include a master. A master is the GUI interface where you could control your VPS nodes as well as the virtual servers.

The master license allows you to run a master that can host virtual servers (OpenVZ only), while the slave only master license allows you to run a master without any virtualization.

If you have a VPS node and you would like to host the master along with OpenVZ virtual servers, you can definitely go for a master license.

If you have a VPS node and you would like to host it standalone, or you are going to utilize XEN/KVM virtualization, you need to choose the slave only master license.

Regarding Slaves

As the name suggests, a slave is a VPS node that you want to add into the master, you need to update the license with accurate slave numbers, otherwise, you will end up with following error in the master interface:


A slave license mismatch has occurred. One or more of your slaves have an incorrect license type.

SolusVM provides 3 types of slaves, depending on the virtual servers allowed on the VPS node:

  • Slaves ($10/mo): Unlimited virtual servers on the node
  • Mini Slaves ($5/mo): 5 virtual servers max on the node
  • Micro Slaves ($2.5/mo): 2 virtual servers max on the node

There’s no limitation of virtualization on a slave, which means you can run ONE virtualization from OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM, and KVM, you can’t run more than 1 virtualization at the same time on a SolusVM slave.

The Costs

The SolusVM license price is very straightforward, we can call it ‘1+N’ which is 1x master plus Nx slaves.

Just like we suggest in section 1, the master cost will be either $10/mo or $2.5/mo depending on how you would like to run a master, it’s always recommended to run a master standalone so that it will not get impacted by the virtual servers hosted on the same node.

You can cut down the cost a little by purchasing the license from SolusVM distributors, you can find the list of official distributors here.


Briefly, the choice of SolusVM license depends on several factors and can be confusing to newbies. You can always ask HeySupport team for help if you are unsure about SolusVM, or you are looking for SolusVM server management, we have a high-quality team to ensure your server uptime and stability 24x 7.